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Why Having a Policy Is Important

The roads these days are a dangerous place to be. Many drivers are uninsured, impaired, or just plain reckless, and this could end up costing you dearly if you don't have low deductible coverage. In addition, more and more states are enacting mandatory coverage laws, which mean driving without a plan is not just unsafe, but also illegal! The most pernicious of all of these risks, however, is the dangerous prospect of a lawsuit judgment against you. If you were in an accident for which you were legally liable, one lawsuit judgment against you could jeopardize some or all of your assets, including your home, retirement accounts, savings, etc. Clearly, not having a well-funded plan is simply not worth the risk. Learn about auto insurance coverages on the next page.

How the Process Works

Everyone knows you need to shop around for various price estimates to get the best deals on a plan, especially if you are looking for the lowest deductibles. You can do your comparison shopping two ways. You can compare the traditional way by visiting dozens of insurer websites, filling out applications for hours, and then trying to make sense of the dozens of confusing estimates you receive. Alternatively, you could save yourself the headache and shop for low deductible plan on our website. We are a one-stop-shopping site for all of your coverage needs. You fill out one application, and we supply you with estimates on plans from major insurers. To give you an idea of the quality of the quotes you'll receive, here are some of the companies in our network:

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  • Farmer's Insurance
  • Allstate
  • Nationwide
  • American Family
  • United American
  • Many more!

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